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U.S. California grown Walnuts

walnuts-552975_1280Walnuts are covered under the guidelines and specifications of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Walnuts:  The new walnut harvest season begins every year during the middle of September and shipment begins a few weeks after harvest begins.  Walnuts are available every day of the year.



Walnuts:  In-Shell:

  1. Varieties:  Chandler; Hartley; Vina; Eureka; Franquette; Howard; Livermore.  Chandler and Hartley varieties are the two most common and most often requested.
  2. Grades:  US #1;  US #2;  US #3.
  3. Sizes:  Mammoth;  Jumbo;  Large;  Medium;  Standard;  Baby.
  4. In-Shell walnuts can be all natural or bleached and scrubbed.

Walnuts:  Shelled:

  1. Varieties:  Chandler and Hartley are the two most common varieties.
  2. Grades:  US #1;  US Commercial;  Unclassified.
  3. Color:  Extra Light;  Light;  Light Amber;  Amber.
  4. Sizes:  Halves;  Halves & Pieces;  Pieces;  Small Pieces.