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New and Used/Refurbished Equipment, Machinery and Aircraft



We finance and export new and used/refurbished equipment and machinery for the agriculture, mining, oil and gas, construction and aviation industry.

All used/refurbished equipment and machinery is Checkpoint Certified by the original manufacturer.  Generally speaking, used/refurbished agriculture, mining, and construction equipment and machinery is eligible for 3 – 5 years credit financing terms.

Used/refurbished aircraft and oil and gas drilling equipment is eligible for extended credit terms.

New equipment and machinery and aircraft are eligible for up to 15 years finance credit terms.

Offering US Export Credit Financing for new and used/refurbished equipment and machinery allows our foreign buyers to reduce their down payment capital outlay while receiving the maximum amount of capital goods.

Through our wide and diverse US private and corporate suppliers, we can optimize your purchasing dollars to provide you with the highest quality of equipment and machinery.

Further, should you be a member of a co-op or community group wishing to purchase equipment and machinery and/or initiate new construction facility, we welcome your contact.