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greglambertGreg Lambert

Highly skilled entrepreneurial-minded leader who is an accomplished results‑driven professional with over 30 years practical experience as a successful dairy farmer and hay broker executive.




Owner of Hillcrest Genetics & Hay Sales                                                                                                              

 1984 – present

  • Owned and operated Dairy farm
    • Bought and sold registered cows
    • Has an in-depth understanding of farm equipment and machinery
    • Brokered Hay
  • Purchased and sold Dairy breeding cattle
  • Breeding
    • Bulls sent to artificial insemination all over U.S. and Canada
  • Artificial insemination
    • Bought and sold Semen
  • Exported embryos to Holland, Japan New Zealand, Italy, Australia, and France
  • Bought and sold grain commodities throughout the united States


Owner of American Hay Company LLC                                                                                                                 

Founded 2001

  • Bought and sold numerous types of hay throughout the United States and Canada
  • Supply hay for export Market; currently China and Korea


Owner of American Hay Transport LLC                                                   

Founded 2011

  • Set up transportation for hay purchased throughout the United States and Canada
  • Set up transportation of machinery and equipment for farmers