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carlaCarla Brooks

Multi-Media Specialist.

Carla’s role with GDM Distributors consists of photography, video, graphic design, marketing and promotion.

In 2005 she attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, where she really came into her trade as a photographer. While attending college, Carla worked under several accomplished photographers in Georgia. In 2007, her work was featured at the Kenny Gray Art Gallery, in downtown Columbus, Georgia.

In 2008, Carla took an overseas assignment working as a government contractor for CSA (Combat Support Associates) in Kuwait.

Her first assignment was as an MWR Photographer, responsible for production of still photography in order to support MWR operations in ASG-Kuwait. This included but was not limited to shooting digital images of MWR events, staff, and facilities. Editing images and publishing the photographs for distribution to ASG-KU community. Through this experience Carla photographed for both the USO and the PAO while stationed in Kuwait.

8 Months into Carla’s Assignment she was promoted to Media Supervisor for Marketing & Media  ASG- KU.

This changed her responsibility in Kuwait dramatically. Her duties were to provide oversight and direction of all electronic media operations to support MWR Operations in ASG-KU across all five military camps in Kuwait. This was accomplished by capturing video, photography, scanned media, audio and all necessary documentary sources in order to fulfill or complete photographic and audiovisual production packages.

As a Media Supervisor she provided immediate, comprehensive, overall supervision, management, organization and execution of the media section of the Marketing & Media Branch.

She also acted as Branch Manager on an as needed basis.

In 2011, the Government Contract with CSA (Combat Support Associates) had ended and was transferred to ITT and Affiliate companies in order to continue base operations within Kuwait.

Carla was hand selected for clearance level position by MPRI/L3 to work for the Training Area Support Center (TAS-C)

Her duties were to Provide visual information support to ASG-KU and USARCENT AOR as a Multi-Media Specialist and/or graphic artist in the visual information support section.

She produced graphic material, lead the graphic section, and maintained all aspects of the VISS to control and maintain conformance to performance for work statements and graphic requirements that were issues directly from Military Personnel.

She provided multi-media graphics and photographic support to the government as determined by the Training Support Center (TSC) PWS, by maintaining daily operations of the Department Of  Defense Visual Information Activity Divian #A0960 graphic section operating under the provisions of Army Regulation 25-1.

She also Photographed a large number of events on location and edited images to meet specifications for Army Regulations.

Before leaving Kuwait, Carla obtained:

ARIMS CERTIFICATION (Army Records Information Management System) This regulation, which implements AR 25-1, Chapter 8 , Records Management Policy, governs the maintenance and disposition of Army information and  record keeping requirements for Army regulations prescribing the creation and maintenance of records.

ASG-KU IMO CERTIFICATION (Army Information Management Officer (Civilian) An Army information management officer (IMO) is responsible for several duties, including advising the commander, coordinating with higher headquarters, and ensuring computer and communications security.

Outside of her Contract duties, Carla photographed as a freelancer.

She was published in EX-PAT Magazines while living and working in Kuwait.

She returned to the states at the end of 2011.

Honing her skills created various opportunities upon returning home.

She worked in the IT field and served as a Tech Support specialist working with Sandy Group for Clients Hyundai and Buick/GMC.

2013 she relocated to Arizona, where she currently resides.

Upon her move she worked as a project coordinator providing onsite expertise and owner’s representation in the planning, development and construction management of automotive facilities.

She also provided support in graphic design, administrative, marketing and media and assisted in project coordination for dealership construction and facility design.

Outside of her various office jobs, Carla has always maintained a client base over the years as a freelance photographer and designer.

Carla’s work has been featured in galleries, publications both print and digital media. She has been published both in the US as well as internationally.

Carla’s unique blend of style is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. She is comfortable and relaxed in both the studio and shooting on location, possessing the uncanny ability to be creative even under pressure.

Carla is a strong advocate of pushing your creative limits, and believes that increasing your skill set is what makes your professional career a success.