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Our food and agriculture products include: chicken, turkey, beef, pork, dry beans, almonds, pistachios walnuts, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, ddgs, fruits and vegetables, seedlings, dried fruit, dairy products, cotton, animal feed. We offer USDA CCC GSM-102 export credit financing up to 36 months to eligible clients in regions and countries where the program is offered. For complete details please review the GSM-102 website:  


We offer US ExIm Bank export credit financing to all others.

Our equipment and machinery includes: farm agriculture equipment and machinery, food processing equipment, cold storage facilities, dry goods silo storage, mobile cold storage transportation, mining and excavation equipment, mining, port and waterways dredging equipment, testing and diagnostic machinery, oil and gas equipment and machinery, automobiles, trucks, commercial trucks, railroad equipment, ships, boats and barges, fabricated metal sheets and tubes, aviation equipment. All of our products can be offered as new or previously owned refurbished items. We offer US ExIm Bank export credit financing to all clients, terms from one to eighteen years available.

Our green energy LED tube lights (indoor/home/commercial/greenhouse, cold storage, casino) are certified at a minimum of 110,000 hours of usage by the DLC (Design Light Consortium); they are EU and RoHS certified with patented external power supply (no end of unit pin power required). These lamps will replace your current lamps with half as many units, resulting in well over an 80% cost savings in energy expense and a return on investment realized immediately with the energy savings, state and federal rebates and tax credits. We offer purchase or lease finance programs as well as US ExIm Bank export credit financing.

Our green energy LED street/parking lights are certified at a minimum of 80,000 hours of usage. These lamps are particularly applicable to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps in businesses and countries resulting in vast energy savings and tremendous cost savings. The return on investment is most often realized within two and a half years or less for large applications. These lamps are the only US made LED lamps certified for US ExIm Bank medium/long term export credit financing of 5 years as a capital goods expense. We offer purchase or lease finance programs as well as US ExIm Bank export credit financing.

PV solar panels: our green, renewable energy Photovoltaics solar panels are rated a minimum of 20 years of usage. These solar panels qualify for PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) US domestic financing when utilized in the US. These panels qualify for US ExIm Bank funding guarantees as medium/long term financing and/or funding under the ExIm Bank’s Environmental Export Program.