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GDM Distributors is an import/export distribution, finance, consulting and trade logistics company.

The company works directly with growers, ranchers, coops, producers, equipment and machinery manufacturers and suppliers to purchase from them for its domestic and export distribution needs.

The Company, located in the heart of the agricultural valley of California, has been in operation since 2000.  With a range of “A Grade” products from food and agriculture commodities, equipment and machinery, green/renewable energy to medical and laboratory testing equipment and supplies the company manages to fulfill a long list of distribution requests.

Through our working relationships with the US Government Agencies that offer Direct Financing and/or Export Credit Financing (of which there are 16 US Government Agency’s), we are able to offer a complete platter of offerings tailored to our US or foreign clients to establish a seamless market transition to the local or foreign buyer and seller.

We offer to any US company wishing to enter the export market a scalable program identifying vetted foreign importers, export credit financing and risk mitigation resulting in actual export sales within a 90 day time frame.

Our domestic and export sales are such that we are adding new “A Grade” suppliers to meet our growing demand. Our distribution list is such that we need to purchase most, if not all, of a farmer/rancher/coops annual production.  If this is not possible, then we need to purchase as much as is available on a monthly/seasonal basis. By purchasing directly from the producer, we are in a position to add value to the grower or grower group typically not offered by other buyers.

Further, when it is not possible to purchase directly from growers or grower groups we will purchase from down-stream value chain handlers, suppliers or processors.

Our monthly volume requests and needs are substantial and we are actively seeking additional volume suppliers to increase our sales.  We are open to speaking with any size grower/rancher/coop/producer to meet our growing demand.

We manage the full and complete logistics value chain to leverage our expense costs across the board.

We purchase new and used farm equipment and machinery for export to our foreign clients. It goes without saying that any farm equipment, machinery, transportation, construction, production equipment or medical/testing equipment is more valuable on the export market than it is at your facility after you have realized the full depreciation write-off. Please speak with us to discuss the opportunity of our exporting your used business assets.

We sell and/or lease and finance green energy US made LED lights to dairies, farms, ranchers, grocery stores, warehouse size stores.  These products are 100% green energy and provide a reduction in energy costs of up to 80% on your monthly energy costs.  This includes monthly savings and state and federal tax incentives.  Useful life of our lights, at 24 hours per day, is up to 10 years of operation…all the while a drastic savings on your monthly energy costs.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you concerning your current energy operations.

These LED green energy lights are made specifically for large operations (warehouse, office, big box stores, barns, dairies, feed lots) that have high monthly energy costs.  A specific detailed analysis of your operation would be the first step to reducing your monthly energy costs.  We are more than happy to share with you our current and previous client list for you to contact and speak directly with existing users of our LED lights and hear directly from them the vast benefits they are receiving by converting from conventional lighting to our US made green energy LED lights.

Our lights are certified by all of the major energy efficient agencies.

We are authorized distributors covering Shimadzu Scientific Equipment medical devices and machinery. Further, we carry the full and complete platform of all medical and laboratory supplies needed to replenish any hospital, medical clinic, laboratory, research or testing facility.