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Financing your transaction, credit terms and procedures.

Government Export Credit Agency (ECA) Import and Export product and project financing is available to your company regardless of where you are located:  US and North America, South America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa.

We can arrange and explain Financing  program options for your imported goods, components and commodities, be they raw materials or finished goods!

We can arrange and explain Financing  program options for your exported goods, components and commodities, be they raw materials or finished goods!

We can arrange and explain Financing  program options and Trade Credit Risk Insurance Program options on your open account A/R buyers at up to 90% of Value (while you retain ownership of the A/R asset)!

 We will finance your import of US produced goods and services through one of several US Government export finance or export credit programs specifically designed to aid the importer and distributor.

The programs of the US ExIm Bank (www.exim.gov), the USDA Farm Service Agency, the USDA Commodity Credit Cooperation GSM-102 program (www.usda.gov), the USAID Community Growth and Expansion Programs(www.usaid.gov), the SBA Export credit program, the US Trade and Development Agency (www.ustda.gov) and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (www.opic.govall represent opportunities for small, medium and large importers to finance their purchases of US goods and services with credit terms from 90 days up to 20 years…with payments  structured to provide optimum flexibility at rates far below the local foreign interest rates.

Finance and credit terms will cover up to 85% of your total transaction under the US ExIm Bank programs: goods, insurance and shipping of all US produced goods and services. There is no dollar limit to the amount of credit you are eligible to receive and all US products and services are eligible…you and you alone will make that determination during the credit vetting process.

Finance and credit terms under the USDA GSM-102 program covers 100% of your food and agriculture purchase for credit terms of up to 36 months.

Finance and credit terms under our ” Triangle Barter Program” allows us to purchase commodities from you, pay you in US dollars, and extend credit to you for your purchase of any US produced product or service from our company.  A very unique opportunity of 2-way trade open to any country, local community, local coop, local business person.  This program is designed to facilitate the country, agency, government buyer and private buyers that may not have sufficient capital or credit to purchase needed products and services yet has direct access to raw commodities in their country.

Through our US banks and US Embassy in your country, we will initiate process and submit any and all applications necessary to provide you with the opportunity to augment your purchase and import by realizing enhanced financing options from our company.  We take full responsibility and leadership in providing you and your company with a seamless experience during the entire application process followed by our (and your) bank’s culmination of the loan disbursements.

We are aware that our import/export trade and consulting company is one of the few in the US that specifically informs and assists all of its clients, importers and distributors with direct financing and credit opportunities backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.

We take great pride in doing so!

For detailed information, please review the above identified websites and contact us directly to discuss and assess your specific product or service need.


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