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Mission of the Agri-Business Division:


Our goal is to assist our clients with the full implementation of vertically integrated programs to facilitate a “Seed to Feed to Sale” self-sustaining business model starting with our extending US Government Export Credit Financing/Guarantees and supplying Food and Agriculture Commodities.

The GDM Distributors Agri-Business division was developed to handle all aspects of trade and services related to food and agriculture for domestic and international markets. This includes, but not limited to, the following: facilitating and financing food/agriculture related infrastructure programs by providing financing, credit, risk insurance, management, design, procurement and consultation for farming, livestock production and food processing/packaging. Further, by working with and purchasing directly from our US farmers, ranchers, producers and farmer coops, we are able to supply all manner of food and agriculture commodities and products, including: Certified Halal, Certified Organic and Conventional products in quantities of container load or vessel loads. We offer soil and crop enhancement with Organic or Conventional inputs, best practices agriculture awareness and food safety education.

GDM Distributors Agri-Business Division ” Seed to Feed to Sale”

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