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GDM Distributors is a leading finance, import/export distribution company.


Working with various US Government Agencies offering distinct methods of low-interest capital and/or Export Credit Financing Guarantees, the company can facilitate and structure programs designed to leverage your purchasing capabilities.


Business Consulting and Advice provides time-tested real world services specifically tailored to your business requirements to facilitate a seamless expansion of your enterprise. We provide due-diligence reports covering the entire process cycle.


By negotiating with and securing private trucking, barge, rail, ocean carrier or airplane transportation for our and your products, we are able to reduce the overall cost of domestic logistics and insurance coverage. Under this scenario, the expense savings in passed on to you, the supplier, buyer or seller.

Global Distribution

From food to machinery to green technology, we are dedicated to bringing your product to market. We work with you through the design, implementation, marketing, logistics and sales process and provide our expertise to make sure you become a success in your market!

We Are One Of The Few U.S. Based Entities That Focuses on and Specializes In Financing Your Imports, Exports and Distribution Needs.

US IMPORTERS:  Working with the over 80 foreign Export Credit Agencies (ECA) and the largest Trade Credit Risk Insurance entities around the world the company can structure direct low interest financing options to cover, on average, 90% of your purchase of commodities, raw materials or finished goods imported into the US.  Annual interest rates are considerably lower than US Commercial Banking rates.

US EXPORTERS:  Working with the US Government Agencies offering distinct methods of low-interest Working Capital, Export Trade Credit Financing Guarantees and A/R Trade Credit Insurance, the company can structure and facilitate programs designed to leverage your working capital needs while reducing your export trade credit risk.

US DISTRIBUTORS:  When selling on Credit Terms, as we all know, the likelihood of being paid within the “as agreed” time frame is slim and none.  Utilizing Trade Credit Risk Insurance on your vetted A/R buyers will offer you guaranteed payments of up to 90% along with the option of borrowing against those receivables should you require immediate capital to facilitate your operations.  Utilizing our company finance program options, as you will not selling your open A/R accounts, but rather insuring and/or borrowing against them, you retain ownership of the A/R asset.  Trade Credit Risk Insurance is a much more viable and less costly method of financing rather than the more common, and unwise, options of Factoring or high interest, short term bank and credit card loans.  Further, as the A/R is insured, should you desire to borrow against them, your loan repayment interest rates are considerably lower than conventional banking interest rates.

FOREIGN IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS:  The Company can finance your import of goods and services or your export of goods and services to the US and/or most any other nation on earth.  Working with the specific ECA attached to your country or region along with the US Government agencies reflecting the import of US goods and services to you, the company can structure financing options and trade credit risk insurance programs to increase your volume and reduce your risk while reducing your up-front capital costs.

GDM Distributors, Inc. is an import/export distribution, finance, consulting and trade logistics company located in Modesto, California, USA… a 90 minute drive east of San Francisco.

We offer “A Grade” products from specific countries at the best possible price by managing the entire trade process from finance to delivery.

We offer up to 85% credit financing and/or loan guarantee of US produced products for loan periods of 90 days to 18 years, based on the “Useful Life” of the item or commodity purchased. Finance and/or Export Credit Guarantees offered though one of the sixteen US Government Agencies, such as the US ExIm Bank, OPIC TDA, SBA or USDA.

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